Games Magazine World of Puzzles 2014 Games of the Year list

Game of the Year: Garden Dice/The Card Expansion
(Meridae Games; designer: Doug Bass) 

Best New Abstract Strategy Game: Kulami
(FoxMind; designer: Andreas Kuhnekath)

Best New Advanced Strategy Game: Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar
(Rio Grande Games; designers: Daniele Tascini and Simone Luciani)

Best New Family Game: Via Appia
(Queen Games; designer: Michael Feldkötter)

Best New Card Game: Morels
(Two Lanterns Games; designer: Brent Povis)

Best New Strategy Game: Triassic Terror
(Gryphon Games; designer: Peter Hawes)

Best New Party Game: Homestretch: Race to the Finish
(R&R Games; designer: Frank DiLorenzo)

Best New Puzzle: Laser Maze
(ThinkFun; designer: Luke Hooper)

Electronic Games

Game of the Year: BioShock Infinite
(2K/Irrational Games, 360/PS3/PC, Rated: M) 

Best New Action Game: The Last of Us
(SCEA/Naughty Dog; PS3, Rated: M)

Best New Puzzle/Adventure Game: Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine
(Majesco/Pocketwatch; PC/Mac/XBLA; Rated: T)

Best New Role-Playing Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
(Nintendo; 3DS; Rated: E)

Best New Strategy Game: XCOM: Enemy Unknown
(Firaxis/2K; PC/Xbox/PS3; Rated: M)


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