CharCon 2017 !

Announcing the 2017 CharCon venue & dates.


CharCon is happy to announce we are moving to Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences of West Virginia for 2017 and beyond. The Clay Center is an awesome modern facility located in downtown Charleston WV. Hosting a great performance hall, an art museum, a science discovery center and much more, the Clay Center is a great facility and community partner. We are already working with them on content that will benefit the community beyond just the convention, such as game days & other events. Very exciting times!

We want to thank the Charleston Civic Center for being a great host for CharCon over the past 10+ years. Concerns over the ongoing renovation construction, costs and wanting to find a community partner is what led us to look elsewhere.


October, and the fall in general, has become a busy time in WV. When we started CharCon, there were only two other conventions in WV (our friends at Tsubasacon & Rising Star) and even though they were all in October, it always seemed to work. Since that time, many other game, geek, fandom, comic, etc. convention have started up in WV, which is awesome! Unfortunately, that time of year has become even busier. Plus, October is a very busy time in general around Charleston for hotels & venues.

So, we worked with the Clay Center and will be moving our dates to:
July 21-23, 2017

We sincerely hope that those dates work for every single one of our attendees. Unfortunately, that will likely not be the case, especially in this first year. We are very sorry for that and anyone who can’t make it due to the change will be sorely missed.

Change is always hard and this will be no exception. There will be adjustments and alterations, but when the dust settles, we are confident everyone will be happy with the results. We are thrilled with the opportunities and hope you are as well.

More information and pre-registration coming soon!

-CharCon Staff


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