CharCon Staff

Travis Reynolds – Chief Executive Director
Corey Lake – Convention Director
Doug Damron – Social Media Director
Dave Gilligan – Event Director
Charlie Davis – Event Coordinator – Board Games
Manny Arambula – Event Coordinator – Miniatures
Matt Smith – Event Coordinator – Roleplaying Games
Buck Chrzanowski – Event Coordinator – Collectible Games
Robert Farley – Photographer
Cindy Negley – Artist Coordinator
Louis Seelbach – Accounting
Mike Martin – Webmaster

One comment

  • Greetings Guest Relations Coordinator and or Convention Chair,

    My name is Eric Wile and I would greatly enjoy speaking at your convention for 2017 or 2018. I’m a credited video game designer with over 14 years experience working both as a Indie and with AAA studios.

    I have spoken at schools and conventions for 8 years bringing the industry of gaming to convention guests and students alike. I have giving presentations in over 30 different topics including but not limited to workshops like Game Design, panels like What it takes to make it in the Industry to Game Tournaments which I host or play in.

    Should you have interest I have a press kit i can send.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Eric Wile

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