CharCon 2017 !

Announcing the 2017 CharCon venue & dates.


CharCon is happy to announce we are moving to Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences of West Virginia for 2017 and beyond. The Clay Center is an awesome modern facility located in downtown Charleston WV. Hosting a great performance hall, an art museum, a science discovery center and much more, the Clay Center is a great facility and community partner. We are already working with them on content that will benefit the community beyond just the convention, such as game days & other events. Very exciting times!

We want to thank the Charleston Civic Center for being a great host for CharCon over the past 10+ years. Concerns over the ongoing renovation construction, costs and wanting to find a community partner is what led us to look elsewhere.


October, and the fall in general, has become a busy time in WV. When we started CharCon, there were only two other conventions in WV (our friends at Tsubasacon & Rising Star) and even though they were all in October, it always seemed to work. Since that time, many other game, geek, fandom, comic, etc. convention have started up in WV, which is awesome! Unfortunately, that time of year has become even busier. Plus, October is a very busy time in general around Charleston for hotels & venues.

So, we worked with the Clay Center and will be moving our dates to:
July 21-23, 2017

We sincerely hope that those dates work for every single one of our attendees. Unfortunately, that will likely not be the case, especially in this first year. We are very sorry for that and anyone who can’t make it due to the change will be sorely missed.

Change is always hard and this will be no exception. There will be adjustments and alterations, but when the dust settles, we are confident everyone will be happy with the results. We are thrilled with the opportunities and hope you are as well.

More information and pre-registration coming soon!

-CharCon Staff

CharCon & Double Exposure are bringing the games!

CharCon, partnered with the Double Exposure Envoy program and all of it’s partner companies are bringing a wide array of gaming to this years event.


50+Play to Win titles (play the game and have a chance to win it!)

6 State Championships

A track featuring 7 different Social Deduction games


All of these are available to CharCon attendees at no cost other than their admission.


The six state Championships are:

Diamonds (Stronghold Games )

Nevermore (Smirk&Dagger)

Skull King (Grandpa Beck’s Games)

Dimension (Thames & Kosmos)

The Game of 49 & Letter Tycoon (Breaking Games)


In our Social Deduction area attendees will find:

Ultimate Werewolf, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, One Night Ultimate Vampire & One Night Daybreak (Bezier Games, Inc.)

Resistance, Coup & Don’t Mess with Cthulhu (Indie Boards and Cards)


Finally, the IMMENSE list of play to win titles are:


Stronghold Games
Bear Valley
Stellar Conflict
The Dragon & Flagon

Bezier Games, Inc.
Favor of the Pharaoh

Indie Boards and Cards

Dead Last

Gorilla Games
Desert Island

R & R Games
Swipe Out!
Ultimate Showdown

Star Trek Panic
Lift It! Deluxe
Munchkin Marvel

Grandpa Beck’s Games
Cover Your Assets

Mayday Games
Garbage Day
Chopstick Dexterity MegaChallenge 3000
Dungeon Busters

Thames & Kosmos
Tumult Royale

Overworld Games
Booze Barons
Good Cop Bad Cop

Allsaid & Dunn –
Bin ‘Fa – The Tao of War


Fireside Games
Castle Panic
The Village Crone
Here, Kitty, Kitty!

Hack and Slash Games
Ophidian 2360 (2-player Play-to-Win kit)

Wattsalpoag Games
A Fistful of Penguins
Claim It!

Tasty Minstrel Games
Flip City

Studio Woe

Grail Games
Too Many Cinderellas
Circus Flohcati

Greater Than Games
Sentinels of the Multiverse
New Bedford
Bottom of the 9th

Facade Games

Maze Racers

INI, Inc.
Never Have I Ever Card Game

Breaking Games
Circular Reasoning
Boomtown Bandits
Pocket Dungeon Quest

Portal Publishing
My Happy Farm
Tides of Time
Crazy Karts

Adventure Land
Animal Upon Animal
Rhino Hero

Paw-Warrior Games
Ambyria: Shroud of the Shadow Demon

Formal Ferret Games
The Networks

US Catan Championship Experience

Written by Scott Scribner, 2015 US Catan Champion:

My experience winning my second US Settlers of Catan Championship at GenCon 2015 was amazing.  The journey began in 2014 by winning the CharCon Settlers of Catan feeder tournament for the US Championships.  I usually try to make it to CharCon every year, as it is my favorite convention, and I bring a group of friends from Ohio, Chicago, West Virginia and occasionally Washington D.C.  We always have a great time.  I was able to win the 2014 CharCon tournament and had a seat in the Quarter-Final round of the US Catan Championship tournament.

By winning the tournament, I received three nights at the OMNI Hotel in Indianapolis at GenCon.  It is a great older hotel in downtown Indianapolis.  I’ve lost count of the number of GenCons that I have attended, but figure I have now attended about ten or so.  I’m starting to become familiar with Indianapolis.  While at GenCon,  I’m usually more concerned with having dinner with friends and having a few drinks afterwards.  GenCon, being the largest gaming convention in the country, can sometimes make it difficult to play games and shopping becomes even more problematic.  I was able to find a couple of older finds in the Auction store so that was great.

The tournament itself was well run and I had a great time.  As I mentioned, this is my second US Catan Championship.  I won my first US Championship back in 2006.  Having already experienced this pressure, the stress was much easier to bear.  I’m much more relaxed and I’m content as long as I play well, no matter the end result.  I was able to squeak by the quarter-final rounds and make it to the Semi-Finals.  During the Semi-Finals, I was able to get a quick victory to move to the final table; the semi-final round was probably my best played game and it was my most dominant.  The final match was the longest and I started to feel a little bit of the pressure that I used to feel prior to 2006.  I was the first to 7 points with about 40 minutes left to go in the match (5 settlements and longest road).  My opponents were trying to prevent me from overtaking the largest army.  I was tied with the current possessor and there were only three cards left.  I bought the final card and it was a monopoly card.  I also lost longest road in the process.  I was able to use the monopoly card to build a city and a settlement.  A couple of turns later, I took the longest road back and built a city for 10 points and the game!

Victory felt better this time, probably because I wasn’t as tense in previous tournaments.  It just seemed to have more meaning this time.  The match was streamed live by an internet station called OOMBA and they stopped me for an interview after the final match, which was kind of fun to talk about the game I had just played.  They said my performance was dominant at the final table, but it didn’t feel that way at all while I was playing it or afterwards.  It was interesting how they had interpreted the match after watching the video with their play-by play commentary.

I was also approached by a reporter from SBNation for an interview.  SBNation is an internet news site that covers more traditional sports, like football, basketball etc.  I have since responded to the interviewer’s questions, but I have not received any notice as to when the article will be published.  I’ll keep everyone posted.


I would also like to thank CharCon for putting on my favorite convention of the year with the opportunities to participate in these tournaments.  Travis and David, you might be running one of the best lesser known gaming conventions in the country.


All the best to CharCon attendees,


Scott Scribner

2015 US Catan Champion


Scott, great job winning the Catan US Championship! Congratulations from the entire CharCon family! For those who don’t know, Scott also won our Ticket to Ride Tournament at a previous CharCon and placed  second at the US Championship. He then went on to play at the World Championship in France. The guy is definitely a player!

We certainly appreciate the kind words for CharCon and coincidentally, we agree that we are one of the best conventions around! We all look forward to seeing you and your friends each year at the convention and like you say, over the years these conventions become places to hang out with old friends and make new ones. We certainly consider you all part of the CharCon family.

There will be a Catan tournament at CharCon 2015 and maybe we can help another CharCon achieve greatness. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us and may your dice always roll well!



May the Fourth be with you weekend!!!

May the Fourth be with you!CharCon brings you bonus gaming with a weekend full of Roleplaying!

Pathfinder, Sparks, Confluence, Shadowrun and more.

Not a roleplayer, but always wanted to try it out? This is your chance!

Plus there will be many other things going on (sure to be some board & card games). Maybe even a Nero event!

The event officially takes place on Saturday & Sunday (5/2 & 5/3), but there is plenty of space for folks to plan on playing games on Friday night as well. Book your room at the awesome Days Hotel in Flatwoods for the full weekend experience!

Call the Days Hotel today to make your reservations. The room block is under CharCon. 866-700-7284

Make plans now to join us for the May the Fourth RPG weekend!


Games Magazine World of Puzzles 2014 Games of the Year list

Game of the Year: Garden Dice/The Card Expansion
(Meridae Games; designer: Doug Bass) 

Best New Abstract Strategy Game: Kulami
(FoxMind; designer: Andreas Kuhnekath)

Best New Advanced Strategy Game: Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar
(Rio Grande Games; designers: Daniele Tascini and Simone Luciani)

Best New Family Game: Via Appia
(Queen Games; designer: Michael Feldkötter)

Best New Card Game: Morels
(Two Lanterns Games; designer: Brent Povis)

Best New Strategy Game: Triassic Terror
(Gryphon Games; designer: Peter Hawes)

Best New Party Game: Homestretch: Race to the Finish
(R&R Games; designer: Frank DiLorenzo)

Best New Puzzle: Laser Maze
(ThinkFun; designer: Luke Hooper)

Electronic Games

Game of the Year: BioShock Infinite
(2K/Irrational Games, 360/PS3/PC, Rated: M) 

Best New Action Game: The Last of Us
(SCEA/Naughty Dog; PS3, Rated: M)

Best New Puzzle/Adventure Game: Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine
(Majesco/Pocketwatch; PC/Mac/XBLA; Rated: T)

Best New Role-Playing Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
(Nintendo; 3DS; Rated: E)

Best New Strategy Game: XCOM: Enemy Unknown
(Firaxis/2K; PC/Xbox/PS3; Rated: M)

Our friends over at #Mysticon shared this one with us. Productivity going down!…

Our friends over at #Mysticon shared this one with us.

Productivity going down!

Internet Archive brings 900 classic arcade games to your browser
The Internet Archive expands its JSMESS offerings from classic console games to classic arcade cabinets -- no quarters necessary.

Thanks to Brent Doughty for bringing this one to our attention: 2014 Ticket to…

Thanks to Brent Doughty for bringing this one to our attention:

2014 Ticket to Ride World Championship marred by irregularities in final match. Kenneth Heilfron of the U.S. was declared the World Champion after it was determined that the "winner", Erwin Pauelsen, cheated during the 2nd game of the final match. That means the CharCon TTR winner, Scott Scribner, who came in second in the National Championship lost to the World Champion. Not too shabby! Here is the link to the press release from Days of Wonder:

- Press Releases - Play different.™ | Days of Wonder
Days of Wonder publishes top-quality board and card games. Our name is derived from the sense of wonder that we all had as children, when we first fell in love with playing games.
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