100 Board Games you should play before you die
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Thread: 100 Board Games you should play before you die

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    Default 100 Board Games you should play before you die

    An interesting list. 100 Board Games to Play Before you Die. I thought it would be interesting to go through this list and see which games I have played, which I actually own and which are in stock down at the Rifleman Game Store here in Charleston. How well do I stack up against this list?

    The full list is here:


    P = I've Played
    O = I Own
    R = In stock at the Rifleman

    Mystery/Muder Games

    Clue P, O
    Android P, R
    Werewolves of Miller's Hollow P

    Science Fiction Games

    Starcraft the Board Game P
    Starfarers of Catan P
    Race for the Galaxy P, R (including some expansions)
    Battlestar Galactica P, R (also includes Pegasus expansion. My favorite game of all time.)
    Galaxy Trucker P
    Space Alert P, R
    Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition P, O
    Robo Rally P, O
    Neuroshima Hex P

    Fantasy Games

    Small World P, R (and some expansions)
    Descent: Journeys in the Dark O, R (several expansion in stock for this one)
    Talisman 4th Edition R (with some expansions)
    Runebound O
    Dungeon Twiser P
    The Lord of the Rings Board Game P
    Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation O
    Battle Lore P, O, R (there are some expansions in stock)

    Horror Games

    Doom: The Boardgame P, O
    Arkham Horror P, R (also several expansions in stock)
    Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game P
    Betrayal at House on the Hill P
    Shadow Hunters P
    Zombietown P

    Warfare/Tactics Games

    Axis & Allies P, O, R (Several different flavors in stock)
    Stratego P
    Batteship P
    Battlecry P
    A Game of Thrones P

    Kids Games

    Monopoly P
    Chutes and Ladders P, O
    Candy Land P, O
    Life P
    Hungry Hungy Hippos Board Game P, O
    Zooloretto P

    Party Games

    Time's Up P
    Scrabble P, O
    Trivial Pursuit P, O (I own the Lord of the Rings edition)
    Boggle P
    Cranium P, O
    Wits & Wagers P
    Say Anything P, O, R

    Minature Games

    Warhammer R
    Warhammer 40k P, O, R (I do own some miniatures but don't play these days)
    Warmachine R
    Marvel HeroClix P, O, R
    Battletech P

    Adventure Games

    Lost Cities: Board Game P
    Pandemic P, R (with On the Brink expansion)
    Colosseum P, O
    Cleopatra and the Society of Architects P, O, R
    Candamir the First Settlers P
    Wyatt Earp P
    Pirates Cover P

    Card Games

    Dominion P, O, R (with all the expansions)
    Magic: The Gathering P, R
    Munchkin Card Game P, R (with several versions)
    For Sale P

    So, I have played 54 of the games listed. I also own quite a few and the Rifleman has quite a few in stock as well.

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    Interesting list. I have always been a board gamer. The miniature section never drew my interest so I am very light there. Otherwise, I have played quite a few of these.
    Played - 70
    Own - 24
    These lists are always debatable so I have added a few comments.

    Mystery/Murder Games
    Clue - o
    Mystery Rummy: Jack the ripper
    Alibi - o
    Mystery in the Abby
    Murder Mystery Mansion - o
    Spy Alley
    Werewolves of Miller's Hollow

    Science Fiction Games
    Starfarers of Catan
    Race for the Galaxy
    Battlestar Galactica o
    Galaxy Trucker
    Cosmic Encounter - o
    Space Alert
    Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition
    Robo Rally o
    Neuroshima Hex

    Fantasy Games
    Small World o
    Talisman 4th Edition ( I own 2nd edition)
    Runebound o
    Dungeon Twister o
    The Lord of the Rings Board Game o
    Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation
    Battle Lore

    Horror Games
    Doom: The Boardgame
    Arkham Horror
    Fury of Dracula
    Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game
    Betrayal at House on the Hill o
    Shadow Hunters

    Warfare/Tactics Games
    Axis & Allies o
    Stratego o
    Batteship o
    Battleground: Fantasy Warfare
    Battlecry o
    A Game of Thrones

    Kids Games
    Monopoly - (This is not a kids game. Sure kids can play it but the rules, as written, make this a very cut-throat business game. If you have never played by the rules you should try it. It is a much better and quicker game than the game most of you have played.)
    Chutes and Ladders
    Candy Land o (This is an excellent tool for teaching kids colors. But there are zero decisions to be made so it is just a random exercise after the kids learn their colors. The worst game on this list.)
    Hungry Hungry Hippos Board Game
    Zooloretto o (I think this one is another game that can be played by kids but takes a level of strategic thinking that is above many children.)

    Party Games
    Time's Up
    Scrabble o
    Trivial Pursuit o
    Boggle o
    Wits & Wagers o
    Say Anything

    Minature Games
    Marvel HeroClix
    Mage Knight

    Adventure Games
    Lost Cities: Board Game
    Monsters Menace America - (This one has a let down at the end. You play for a couple hours and then the win comes down to dice rolls. I am not a fan of this but I like the build up to the end of the game.)
    Kung Fu Fighting
    Colosseum - (This one is a pretty game. It is a good game but it would not make my list.)
    Cleopatra and the Society of Architects
    Candamir the First Settlers
    Wyatt Earp
    Pirates Cove o

    Card Games
    Dominion o
    Magic: The Gathering
    Munchkin Card Game
    Family Business
    Citadels - o
    For Sale
    CharCon Boardgame Dude

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    I agree, although I hate Monopoly. Playing by the actual rules which most people don't ever do is a different game.

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    P & O # 6 Confrontation listed under Miniature Games. If anyone else has an army & would like a game let me know & I'll break out my rulebook & refresh my memory on the rules. Just yesterday I was trying to decide on which of the armies I have to start painting again.

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