D&D 4E in Roane County
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Thread: D&D 4E in Roane County

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    Default D&D 4E in Roane County

    I would like to get a D&D 4E campaign running in the Roane County area. I would be willing to DM or open to alternatives. I am immersed in 4E guides, lore, miniatures, tiles, maps, and ideas, but have no knowledge of other players in the area.

    I would love to hear from anyone in the area that would be interested in participating in a 4E campaign for the long haul with the intention of meeting once a week, on average.

    Anyone that is interested can reply here.

    Thanks for your time.

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    I live in Roane County and may have some other potential players. Just contact me with what you have in mind.

    Director of Stuff

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    I live in Wood County. Where in Roane ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deeprlyeh View Post
    I live in Wood County. Where in Roane ?
    South of Wirt, East of Jackson, North of Kanawha
    Spencer is in Roane Co.
    CharCon Boardgame Dude

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    "Where IN Roane?"

    If he lives in at least Spencer. I could play.
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    I am in Spencer. I'm wanting to see if I can divine enough interest to get about 5 PCs and a DM to have an ongoing campaign.

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    Travis lives near Amma.
    CharCon Boardgame Dude

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    I can play and DM. Would like to do both really. I live in Mineral Wells. So it isnt much of a drive really. Slightly closer than Charleston. I know another guy that plays Warhammer 40k at the shop in Charleston. That teaches in Spencer he may want to play.

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    Amma is far enough from me. That I would just drive to Charleston.

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    I'm just bumping this topic in hopes of a few more views.

    Also, I've decided that I am definitely wanting to DM a recurring game of D&D 4E in hopes of creating a worthwhile campaign. I'm hoping for 5 PCs, but considering I currently have zero locally it's open to negotiation.

    My intent is to have it be local Roane County players so as not to have to deal with lots of travel time/gas costs/etc.

    Thanks again for looking.

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