Hey everyone,

This has been a crazy year for us at ZBP but we wanted to give a heads up that we will be running RISING at this year's Charcon convention. We have events scheduled for Friday and Saturday with the possibility of adding a game or two on Sunday.

This should be the best year ever for RISING as the great and powerful Charcon Organizers have secured us a fantastic area to play in. Get your tickets early because they are sure to sell out quick! Here are the events we are running this year.

Extermination: An abandoned warehouse outside of Parish Hill has been identified as the source of a huge number of infected insects and zombies plaguing the stronghold. Your team must enter the warehouse and bring the whole thing down.

Undertaking Gone Wrong: The only sanctuary from the unending onslaught of zombies is a small mortuary in the distance. When your group enters and starts looking around, there may be more going on here than what it seems.

VIP Event - Further Experimentation: The test subjects of the Parish Hill Asylum were taken away in a Helix and Helix van after escaping and brought to a secondary testing facility. As the gravity of what has been done to them sets in, the survivors must figure out how to keep themselves alive and regain their freedom.

Hope to see you all there!