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Thread: January 30, 2011 TOURNAMENT MADNESS

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    Default January 30, 2011 TOURNAMENT MADNESS

    1. On Sunday, 1/30/11, beginning promptly at 12:30, there will be a
    blood bowl tournament at the Rifleman. We will do two hour rounds.
    You must inform your opponent before the match if you will enforce
    illegal procedure.

    2. Tournament pairings will be swiss style, with the pairings made
    based on win percentage, head to head, then touchdown margin.

    3. Resurrection style tournament. This means injuries or deaths do
    not carry from round to round, you cannot buy players between rounds,
    there is no reason to roll for gold, etc.

    4. You will build a team with one million gold, then choose two
    normal skills and two double roll skills to your team. You can use
    the double for a normal skill if you wish. No player may gain more
    than one skill.

    5. You must have a roster sheet to show me before the tournament
    starts. You can build your team on the website or do it by hand.

    6. Coaches that participate in the tournament and want to continue
    playing their tournament team in the league afterward can do so. You
    will receive 150,000 gold as a fee for playing all rounds of the
    tournament and you can keep the extra skills.

    7. Prize support will be as follows:

    $50 store credit for first place
    $30 store credit for second place
    $20 store credit for most casualties
    $20 store credit for up and comer
    $20 wooden spoon award

    There will be a LOT of store credit thrown around at this tournament,
    thanks to the folks at lost legion, and to season 1 champion Dave
    Brown, who helped make this crazy prize support happen.

    If anyone has any questions about this, either email me or stop by the
    store on sundays!



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    Is this a "stand-alone" tournament or does the league have any bearing on it? (Do the win percentage/head to head/touchdown margin come from the previous league play?)

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    Good question. This is a stand alone tournament that has nothing to do with the league standings.

    First round pairings will be random, and I won't pair two of the same race if I can help it.

    Second round pairings will be based on win / loss etc. in the previous rounds of the tournament (nothing to do with league).

    Wins at this tournament will not count towards league playoff standings.

    The only way in which this tournament will interact with the league is that if you wish, after the tournament, you can roll that team into the league and keep the extra skills.

    Hopefully that clarifies it!

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    Thanks for the information, I don't play in the league on a regular basis and don't think I will be able to much, but I might play in the tournament.

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