Any thing new out there?
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Thread: Any thing new out there?

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    Default Any thing new out there?

    So, As the title says, Is there anything new out there? anything from the last 6 months or the next year your looking forward to? I'm addicted to Star Wars: The Old Republic though i dont level much (had it before Christmas and i'm only level 32) I love the Crafting System though I wish you could go on crafting missions and such as well.

    That is pretty much what I have gotten into new wise. I'm gonna try Mage the Awakening sometime soon (NWoD) I have been reading it and it looks good.
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    We've been having alot of fun playing Fiasco. Otherwise not much new. Finally got to play pathfinder, but that only technically coiunts as new.

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    I recently picked up an RPG I have been reading through. It is (another!) Post Apocalyptic setting by Vincent Lumley, who is an award winning indy game designer. The game is called Apocalypse World. The way the book is written is a little melodramatic/emo, but is an interesting system from what I have read so far. The "MC" (gm) is advised to plan NOTHING for the game, and the game is almost 100% character driven (it seems). Character creation seems to be heavily dependent on interaction between the players, so I think that it would be best played by a group of 3-4 plus the MC, that are pretty familiar with one another. I might be off base, but not sure. If you have some cash to spare, I would recommend it. I bought the print version, as well as the pdf, and it was around $30 I think.
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