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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug James View Post
    Let me get this straight; Wizards should sell the name Dungeons and Dragons to Paizo so they can do what exactly? Rebrand Pathfinder as Dungeons and Dragons? Why? Not being called Dungeons and Dragons hasn't seemed to hurt Pathfinder sales and being called Dungeons and Dragons hasn't necessarily helped 4th Ed. I just don't get the whole name game thing. If I just start referring to 4th Ed as Mazes and Monsters, will the haters finally stfu?
    Doug, I just got an email from Haterade Inc. informing me that they hold the copyright on Mazes and Monsters and consisting of an official Cease and Desist order for any current and future referencing to that product.

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    It doesn't really matter any more 4th Edition is over. They will run 5th Edition for a few years, then move onto 6th and so on...
    You could see an even faster product release and retirement schedule with 5th Edition.

    I don't think anyone hates 4th Edition. We are a group of people that have became old and are not accepting of change. We are use to the way things were and want them to stay that way. Just like our parents and their parents. It is the exact same thing that has happened time and time again. This is really the first time since the creation of role playing games that we have had enough time to fall into this cycle. "You wipper snappers, back in my day....."

    Things just change. You can choose to continue using the older books and I mean older subjectively or you can move on with the newer books.

    Pathfinder seems to be the counter point to 4th Edition. Pathfinder will not continue to be the same game it is now, in the future.

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    Also Paizo isn't going to rebrand their system, Dungeons and Dragons.

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    When D&D went to 4th edition, I know my RPG group did not follow. Really, 3.5 fits us well and no one wanted to buy/learn new source. Seeing how quickly 4th edition went (is going) away, I doubt we'll be in a hurry to look at 5th edition either.

    For our non-D&D games, we use the Hero system (Champions). It can be molded to just about any sort of game and has a lot of wonderful source. Even looking back at that, we didn't upgrade to the non-hex newest edition.

    Wanna know the last "new" system my group learned? Firefly. That's right, the Firefly RPG. It was so horrible it worked out perfectly! Some of our greatest adventures happened in the 'Verse!

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    I know I'm late to the party, but my 4E group is strong and growing. I have a wait list of people wanting to play. In addition, most of my players are women, two of them are new to roleplaying and 4E is what helped me bring them into the game.

    Back to the original question, I likely will only be interested in 5E if it can somehow be plugged into my 4E game. I am not wanting to start over, and the things about 4E that will become optional for 5E are the elements my group wants (game maps, miniatures, tactical play, powers, etc.) So why would I bring ask them to adapt a new game that we have to rebuild into something we want to play?
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