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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiarnan View Post
    I've been working on Warlands models, running some Pathfinder, playing Mage and then in my copious free time playing The Old Republic. I'm looking to get some play in for Warlands sometime. There are a lot of new units I want to see in action before Charcon.
    I still need to play some Warlands....
    Trav O
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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis Orders View Post
    I still need to play some Warlands....
    Yes. Yes, you do.

    I'm going to try to bring my stuff down to the Rifleman on a Friday in the next few weeks.

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    I haven't gotten to try it since the final rules came out, but i've been assured it just as much fun.

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    I watched a game of warlands a few weeks ago and it looked like a lot of fun. One of you guys should start a thread just for warlands and announce a set date and time for people wanting to check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis Reynolds View Post
    What is everyone into? What games is everyone playing? Did everyone listen to the latest podcast? What did you think? How often should we do those? What would you like us to add, change or remove? Did anyone join up on any of the game offerings we mentioned because you heard it there?

    Whats coming up that has everyone excited? What big game plans do you have?

    I'm not into much at the moment, working on a Mage: The Awakening game but it is flopping like a fish out of water at the moment.

    I'm not playing anything at the moment, not even star wars the old republic....

    Yes I listened to the latest podcast, and thought it was great. I would like to hear one once a month if it was possible, and maybe add a game of the month, not necessarily one being played at the moment though throwing spot lights on the ones being ran may be cool, but I was talking about more of a review of whats out that people may have missed or a preview of whats comming out that people may not have heard of.

    I live in Huntington so I can not really join any of the games being played though I would like to.

    I have been out of the gaming loop so I don't know whats coming out, but I do plan on going to Gencon and Charcon so those are my big gaming plans
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