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    Default Session 12

    The next thing the heroes discovered was a pit in which lay the near dead body of a female wizard, Leera. They helped her and in return she gave them much information concerning the ruins and the tomb robbers they were chasing, as well as the nature of the next obstacle they faced.

    Just beyond the pit lay an entry chamber guarded by an armored, halberd wielding statue and numerous flying, egg shaped constructs that slashed mercilessly at the party. Through teamwork and perseverance the party emerged triumphant and was rewarded with the armor and halberd which were magic and they equipped them on Nadaar.

    Beyond the guarded door lay stairs leading ever deeper. at their bottom had been erected a barricade. On the other side waited a small army of hobgoblins. The heroes burst through and engaged the monsters. Alongside the hobgoblins fought Leera's former lover Tyrel and his dwarven ally, former partners of leera. As the battles raged, the two exchanged barbs and taunts. The hobgoblins proved tough foes and things went badly for the heroes almost from the start. The were rat Seever chose that moment to return and attack from behind.The tide only turned when Tyrel and the dwarf Pinter suddenly switched sides in the middle of the fight. Unfortunately, in the final showdown, as the hobgoblins began to fall one by one, Leera was killed.

    Almost as soon as the battle was over, a figure appeared at the far side of the chamber. He identified himself as Sigur, a fossergrim charged with guarding a nearby waterfall. He urged the group to follow him so he could help them. Once at the waterfall, Sigur bade them to drink from it, an act which healed and rejuvenated them completely. Sigur warned them of a massive spider that awaited them further on while Tyrel gave them the scoop on the rest of the tomb robbers including the leader, a psychopathic arcanist named Xeron. Checkmate got a pair of magic boots off of the dead hobgoblin commander. Tyrel and Pinter prepared to leave via Sigur's waterfall and Smylar pledged to help them revive Leera, if possible. In return, Tyrel gave Smylar his magic mace and bid him good luck.

    Next: That's a big freaking spider!
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    Default Session 13

    The heroes entered the chamber where Sigur had told them they would find the spider. They were immediately attacked by a web mummy. The sticcky floors made movement difficult and soon after the battle began the huge tomb spider appeared, dropping down it's webbing to attack from behind. The battle was tough but the heroes expertly used the columns to their advantage, forcing the spider to squeeze into a dangerous position. Once destroyed, the web mummy spawned a brood of baby spiders and the battle raged on. It was a tough fight- the tomb spider was one mean enemy, but the heroes ultimately prevailed.

    After a trip to Sigur for healing, they plunged ever deeper into the tomb. While exploring a series of rooms that used illusions to tell the Forgotten King's story, the group encountered a group of ghouls and spectres. After the fight, they tookj an extended rest to learn some new tricks in preparation for the final battles to come.

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    Default Session 14

    As they returned to the tombs, the heroes found what appeared to be the main tomb, There, a dark haired man with a crown awaited them. After some discussion it became clear that this was not the Forgotten King but the Betrayer. As the battle erupted, the heroes faced a blazing skeleton and two boneshard skeletons. The group gained the upper hand early and kept it through the battle. Afterwards, the heroes were stumped about where to go next until they finally found the secret door to the hidden tomb below.

    There they discoveredx the final enemy- Xeron and his two grick pets and the hobgoblin commander. Xenon was performing a ritual over a sword. Aenthesia successfully interrupted the ritual and Xenon joined the barttle. Markus was adept at drawing the enemies attacks while Smylar and Checkmate used ther healing to keep him going. When it became clear that things had turned against him, Xenon grabbed the sword and tried to flee. He nearly escaped but for Aenthetia's magic.

    The sword turned out to be Merthuvial, an ancient artifact which chose Checkmate as it's new weilder. They also discovered a bag of holding with Xenon's ritual book. Returning to Sigur, they said their goodbyes and used the magic of his waterfall to leave the tomb behind. They had not gone far when they found themselves surrounded by guardsmen and under arrest.

    Soon they stood before Lord Marklehay's court and undergoing a series of questions concerning the last weeks events. The heroes were honest and convincing and not only impressed Lord marklehay but inspired him to challenge them with a new quest- seek out the Seven Pillared hall, find the blood reavers and rescue the kidnapped people. He generously provided them with a thousand gold to equip for the dangerous mission.

    Later, Kiran was made an offer by a mysterious stranger to deliver a package to the seven pillared hall to a man named Gendar.

    Next: A new adventure begins

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    Default Session 15

    After spending two days preparing, the heroes set out for the Seven Pillared Hall in search of the kidnaped victims. They were coupled with a small caravan escorted by the ranger Faikon. Around noon, they encountered signs of activity and shortly after fell into a kobold ambush. It was a clever and well planned trap, the little beasts smartly neutralized the paladin and ranger. They prattled on about "thieves" and "give it back" as they fought ferociously. The heroes were in dire straights for a bit, but the tide turned ultimately to favor them. As the last kobolds realized they were on the losing end and fled, the heores saw a figure on a distant hill watching them. As it shook it's head and turned away to disappear behind the hill, they caught sight of a long hairless tail- Seever! They theorized that Seever must have stolen something of value from the kobolds and then told them that the heroes had taken it. What a dirty rat!
    After resting the night, the party finished their journey to the crossroads where they parted ways with the caravan and Faikon. They traveled down the narrow canyon trail called the Vale Road to the Minotaur Gate. From there they followed the Road of Lanterns into the Mountain. As they traveled they stumbled on a side room where the halfling Rendil Halfmoon was being held by a band of Bloodreaver hobgoblins, The heroes moved in but were unable to surprise them. The fight took place largely in the doorway and the hallway as the hobgoblins rushed the party. It got that much tougher as minions and archers joined the fight. It was a struggle but the heroes began to slowly prevail. Checkmate cornered the Hobgoblin Commander and with a battle cry struck him down with a mighty blow. As he turned and raised Merthuvial in victory he saw three arrows from the archers streaking right for his head. They were the last thing he saw as he was struck dead. The remaining heroes surged in outrage and vanquished the rest of the hobgoblins.
    Rendil was grateful foir rescuing him and offered to accompany them to the Seven Pillared Hall, where he lived, and would give them the grand tour. When they arrived they discovered the Temple of Hidden Light, dedicated to Erathis, and a priestess willing to raise Checkmate for 1000 gp. As Smylar and Nadaar took care of that end of things, the rest of the group went to check out Grendar's Curios and Relics to take care of business there.

    Next: Assault on the Bloodreavers Lair!

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    Default Pricelist for the Seven Pillared Hall

    House Azear
    Arrows (30) 2 gp 3 lb.
    Crossbow bolts (20) 2 gp 2 lb.
    Sling bullets (20) 2 gp 5 lb.
    Arcane implement
    Orb 30 gp 2 lb.
    Rod 25 gp 2 lb.
    Staff 10 gp 4 lb.
    Wand 14 gp —
    Standard adventurer’s kit 30 gp 33 lb.
    Backpack (empty) 4 gp 2 lb.
    Bedroll 2 sp 5 lb.
    Flint and steel 2 gp —
    Pouch, belt (empty) 2 gp 1/2 lb.
    Rope, hempen (50 ft.) 2 gp 10 lb.
    Sunrods (2) 10gp 2 lb.
    Waterskin 2 gp 4 lb.
    Candle 2 cp —
    Chain (10 ft.) 60 gp 2 lb.
    Chest (empty) 4 gp 25 lb.
    Climber’s kit 4 gp 11 lb.
    Grappling hook 2 gp 4 lb.
    Hammer 10 sp 2 lb.
    Pitons (10) 10 sp 5 lb.
    Everburning torch 100 gp 1 lb.
    Fine clothing 60 gp 6 lb.
    Flask (empty) 6cp 1 lb.
    Holy symbol 20 gp 1 lb
    Lantern 14 gp 2 lb.
    Ritual book 100 gp 3 lb.
    Ritual components Varies —
    Rope, silk (50 ft.) 15 gp 5 lb.
    Spellbook 100 gp 3 lb.
    Tent 15 gp 20 lb.
    Thieves’ tools 30 gp 1 lb.
    Torch 2 sp 1 lb.

    Grimmerzhul Trading Post
    Alchemist’s Acid Level 1
    When shattered, this glass vial releases a spray of acid.
    50 gp
    Power (Consumable ✦ Acid): Standard Action. Make an
    attack: Ranged 5/10; +4 vs. Reflex; on a hit, the attack
    deals 1d10 acid damage and ongoing 5 acid damage
    (save ends); on miss, half damage and no ongoing acid

    Alchemist’s Fire Level 1
    When shattered, this flask fills an area with alchemical flame.
    50 gp
    Power (Consumable ✦ Fire): Standard Action. Make an attack:
    Area burst 1 within 10; +4 vs. Reflex; on a hit, deal
    1d6 fire damage; on miss, deal half damage.

    Alchemist’s Frost Level 1
    This ceramic flask explodes in an icy haze when it hits, crippling
    its target with numbing cold.
    50 gp
    Power (Consumable ✦ Cold): Standard Action. Make an
    attack: Ranged 5/10; +4 vs. Reflex; on a hit, the target
    takes 1d10 cold damage and is slowed until the end of
    your next turn; on miss, the target takes half damage and
    is not slowed.

    Antivenom Level 1
    This thick tonic can help counter the effects of most poisons.
    50 gp
    Power (Consumable): Minor Action. Gain a +2 bonus to
    saving throws against poisons from a source of 10th level
    or lower. This effect lasts until the end of the encounter
    or for the next 5 minutes.

    Bloodstinger Poison Level 3
    This inky toxin inflicts wounds that burn long after the initial
    blow is struck.
    80 gp
    Power (Consumable ✦ Poison): Standard Action. Apply
    the bloodstinger poison to your weapon or one piece of
    ammunition. Make a secondary attack against the next
    target you hit with the coated weapon or ammunition:
    +6 vs. Fortitude; on a hit, the target takes ongoing 5
    poison damage (save ends).

    Clearsense Powder Level 1
    This fine, silvery powder can restore lost senses.
    50 gp
    Power (Consumable): Minor Action. You or an adjacent
    ally can make a saving throw against a blinded or
    deafened condition that a save can end. The source of
    the condition must be 5th level or lower.

    Clearwater Solution Level 1
    This small glob of white jelly purifies even the most toxic liquids,
    from poisons to dwarven spirits.
    50 gp
    Power (Consumable): Minor Action. Apply clearwater
    solution to a volume of liquid filling a cube 1 square on
    a side (5 feet by 5 feet by 5 feet; approximately 935
    gallons). The solution removes any poison or disease
    present in the liquid after 1 minute.
    Clearwater solution cannot remove poison or disease
    from water already in a creature’s system, and it has no
    adverse effect on creatures with the aquatic or water
    keyword. If it’s applied to a volume of liquid larger than
    the amount specified above, the clearwater solution has
    no effect.

    Herbal Poultice Level 3
    This pack of specially prepared medicinal herbs increases one’s
    natural recuperative ability.
    80 gp
    Power (Consumable ✦ Healing): Standard Action. Use
    before you or an ally takes a short rest. The target of the
    herbal poultice regains an additional 2 hit points when
    he or she spends a healing surge at the end of the short

    Tanglefoot Bag Level 2
    This small leather bag or satchel contains a sticky gel that can
    immobilize foes.
    60 gp
    Power (Consumable): Standard Action. Make an attack:
    Ranged 5/10; +5 vs. Reflex; on a hit, the target is
    immobilized until the end of your next turn, at which point
    the creature is then slowed until the end of its next turn.

    Tracking Dust Level 4
    The fine grains of this silvery powder can reveal the subtlest
    80 gp
    Power (Consumable ✦ Zone): Standard Action. The
    tracking dust creates a zone of 5 contiguous squares.
    In areas where the dust is spread, Perception checks
    to track can be made with a total +7 bonus; use this
    modifier instead of your normal check modifiers.
    Tracking dust can be detected with a DC 20 Perception
    check, and its effects lasts for 1 hour.

    Deepgem Company
    From a parchment posted in the Halfmoon Tavern:REWARD! Them no good gnolls done bushwacked one our mine escorts. They done kilt the miners and guards but they went and took my Baby prisoner. Moradin knows them filthy varmints probably plan to eat her!
    A big shiny 100 gp gem to the heroes that bring my Baby back alive!-
    Ulther Deepgem

    Dreskin Provisioners
    Rations, trail (10 days) 10 gp 10 lb..
    Journeybread (10 days) 70 gp 1 lb.
    Fresh Fruit and Vegetables (10 days) 30gp 15lb
    Fresh Meat 5gp 1 lb

    Bersk the Wainright
    Cart or wagon 20/2 gp 1 ton Repair: 5-10gp
    Boar 150/15 gp
    Riding horse/Mule 100/10 gp 237/475/1,187 lb.
    Rowboat 75/8 gp 600 lb.

    Halfmoon Inn and Tavern
    Meal, common 2 sp
    Meal, feast 5 gp
    Ale, pitcher 2 sp
    Wine, bottle 5 gp
    Inn stay (per day)
    Typical room 5 sp
    Luxury room 2 gp

    Rothar's Taproom
    Meal, barely edible 1 cp
    Meal, halfcooked slop, generous portion 5 cp
    Ale, putrid, dirty pitcher 1 cp
    Wine, half vinigar, bottle 1 sp
    Head Thumping. Free

    Terrlen Darkseeker (parchment poster in the Halfmoon Tavern)
    Expert guide and companion. Knows the Labyrinth as well as any Topdweller.
    Don't get lost in the Labyrinth, get the guide with over 100 succssful treks under his belt. Get Terrlen. 50 gp day .

    Vadriar the Sage (parchment poster in the Halfmoon Tavern)
    Information and knowledge. Get the answers you seek, for the right price.
    No question too big or small- Vadriar knows them all!
    General History 5 gp
    Specific History 10 gp
    General maps 5 gp
    Specific maps 10 gp

    Surina, Dragonborn Warlock (Parchment poster in the Halfmoon Tavern)
    Competent striker available for your next delve. Burn away the darkness- hire Surina today.
    25 gp day

    Mercenaries and Bodyguards (parchment poster in the Halfmoon Tavern)
    The Labyrinth is dangerous place. You need muscle. We got muscle. You come see us, Rothar's Taproom. Bring gold.
    1 gp - 10 gp

    Grendar's Curios and Relics
    Darkleaf Cloth Armor Level 4+
    Darkleaves from the gravetrees of the Shadowfell give this armor
    its protective properties.
    Lvl 4 +1 1680
    Armor: Cloth, Leather, Hide
    Enhancement: AC
    Property: Gain a +2 item bonus to AC against the first attack
    made against you in each encounter.

    Eladrin Armor Level 3+
    Crafted by master eladrin armorsmiths, the fine links of this
    chainmail sparkle in even the faintest light.
    Lvl 3 +1 1360
    Armor: Chain
    Enhancement: AC
    Property: Add 1 square to the maximum distance of any
    teleport you make.
    This armor has no speed or skill check penalties.

    Duelist’s Dagger Level 3+
    The favorite weapon of a rogue.
    Lvl 3 +1 1360 gp
    Weapon: Light Blade
    Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
    Critical: +1d6 damage per plus, or +1d8 damage per plus if
    you have combat advantage
    Power (Daily): Minor Action. You have combat advantage
    against the next creature you attack with this weapon on
    this turn.

    Thunderburst Longbow Level 4+
    Suddenly, the projectile explodes in a burst of violent sound.
    Lvl 4 +1 1680 gp
    Weapon: Any ranged
    Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
    Critical: +1d6 thunder damage per plus
    Power (Daily ✦ Thunder): Minor Action. The next ranged
    basic attack you make with this weapon before the end of
    your turn becomes a burst 1 centered on the target. Use
    your normal attack bonus for the basic attack, but against
    Fortitude. Each target hit takes thunder damage equal to
    the normal damage you would deal with a ranged basic
    attack with the weapon.

    Acrobat Boots Level 2
    These enchanted boots enhance your acrobatic skills.
    Item Slot: Feet 1140 gp
    Property: Gain a +1 item bonus to Acrobatics checks.
    Power (At-Will): Minor Action. Stand up from prone.

    Gauntlets of Ogre Power Level 5
    These oversized armored gloves increase your strength and can be
    activated to increase your damage.
    Item Slot: Hands 2,000 gp
    Property: Gain a +1 item bonus to Athletics checks and
    Strength ability checks (but not Strength attacks).
    Power (Daily): Free Action. Use this power when you hit
    with a melee attack. Add a +5 power bonus to the damage

    Amulet of Protection Level 1+
    This light blue amulet increases your defenses.
    Lvl 1 +1 720 gp
    Item Slot: Neck
    Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will

    Cloak of Resistance Level 2+
    This crimson-hemmed cloak can be activated to provide minor
    resistance to all attacks.
    Lvl 2 +1 1140
    Item Slot: Neck
    Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
    Power (Daily): Minor Action. Gain resist 5 to all damage
    until the start of your next turn.

    Safewing Amulet Level 3+
    This orange amulet reduces the damage you suffer when falling.
    Lvl 3 +1 1160 gp
    Item Slot: Neck
    Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
    Property: When falling, reduce the distance by 10 feet for
    every plus (–10 feet for +1, –20 feet for +2, and so on) for
    the purpose of calculating damage. You always land on your
    feet after a fall.

    Ironskin Belt Level 5+
    The first of these belts of chain links was forged by a dwarf armorsmith
    enslaved by fire giants. It can be activated to provide protection
    against weapon attacks.
    Lvl 5 2,000 gp
    Power (Daily): Minor Action. Gain resist 5 to all weapon
    damage until the end of your next turn.

    Animal Messenger
    You whisper to the animal before you, and it bounds off in
    the direction you point to carry your message.
    Level: 1
    Category: Exploration
    Time: 10 minutes
    Duration: Special
    Component Cost: 10 gp
    Market Price: 200 gp
    Key Skill: Nature

    Arcane Lock
    You bind a door so that intruders can’t easily pass. The door
    is limned with amber light, which fades to a soft glow, marking
    it as impassible to anyone other than you and your allies.
    Level: 4
    Category: Warding
    Time: 10 minutes
    Duration: Permanent
    Component Cost: 25 gp
    Market Price: 600 gp
    Key Skill: Arcana

    Brew Potion
    Liquids brew and bubble, coalescing the raw substance of
    magic into a form you can drink.
    Level: 5
    Category: Creation
    Time: 1 hour
    Duration: Permanent until
    Component Cost: Special
    Market Price: 300 gp
    Key Skill: Arcana or Religion
    (no check)

    Comprehend Language
    As you finish the ritual, the guttural language of the creatures
    before you clarifies into something you understand.
    Level: 1
    Category: Exploration
    Time: 10 minutes
    Duration: 24 hours
    Component Cost: 10 gp
    Market Price: 100 gp
    Key Skill: Arcana

    Detect Secret Doors
    With a smile and a wink, you show Soveliss the outline of the
    trapdoor he missed.
    Level: 3
    Category: Exploration
    Time: 10 minutes
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Component Cost: 25 gp
    Market Price: 250 gp
    Key Skill: Arcana

    Endure Elements
    Neither the biting cold nor the searing heat troubles you anymore.
    You travel in arctic or desert wastes as comfortably as
    in temperate climes.
    Level: 2
    Category: Exploration
    Time: 10 minutes
    Duration: 24 hours
    Component Cost: 20 gp
    Market Price: 200 gp
    Key Skill: Arcana or Nature
    (no check)

    Eye of Alarm
    You conjure forth a phantasmal sentry—a slender pillar
    6 feet tall, topped with a floating, unblinking eye. The eye
    watches over your camp as you sleep and cries out an alert if
    danger approaches.
    Level: 2
    Category: Warding
    Time: 30 minutes
    Duration: 24 hours (special)
    Component Cost: 25 gp
    Market Price: 200 gp
    Key Skill: Arcana

    Enchant Magic Item
    Magic drawn from the warp and weft of the universe infuses
    the item you hold in your hands.
    Level: 4
    Category: Creation
    Time: 1 hour
    Duration: Permanent
    Component Cost: Special
    Market Price: 300 gp
    Key Skill: Arcana (no check)

    Hand of Fate
    A ghostly apparition appears to give you basic guidance
    about a course of action.
    Level: 4
    Category: Divination
    Time: 10 minutes
    Duration: 10 minutes
    Component Cost: 140 gp
    Market Price: 175 gp
    Key Skill: Religion (no

    A blue, glowing key appears in front of the door and disappears
    into it. The door glows amber for a moment and then
    Level: 4
    Category: Exploration
    Time: 10 minutes
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Component Cost: 35 gp,
    plus 1 healing surge
    Market Price: 300 gp
    Key Skill: Arcana

    Make Whole
    As you finish the ritual, the oaken door stands whole and
    unblemished as if Orten the Rager hadn’t just burst through
    it with murder in his eyes. It’s the least you can do after
    using the inn to ambush the infamous barbarian.
    Level: 1
    Category: Exploration
    Time: 10 minutes
    Duration: Permanent
    Component Cost: Special
    Market Price: 100 gp
    Key Skill: Arcana (no check)

    Magic Mouth
    The stone wall grinds as it reshapes into the semblance of
    dry, cracked lips framing teeth like canting tombstones.
    Beware!” it says.
    Level: 1
    Category: Exploration
    Time: 10 minutes
    Duration: Until discharged
    Component Cost: 10 gp
    Market Price: 100 gp
    Key Skill: Arcana (no check)

    Secret Page
    You laugh through your broken teeth. The duke’s impersonator
    might have found your journal, but he’ll never see what
    you wrote there.
    Level: 1
    Category: Warding
    Time: 10 minutes
    Duration: Permanent
    Component Cost: 10 gp
    Market Price: 100 gp
    Key Skill: Arcana

    Travelers’ Feast
    Food for your entire group materializes out of the air,
    enough to sustain you through a long day’s march.
    Level: 4
    Category: Exploration
    Time: 1 hour
    Duration: 24 hours
    Component Cost: 35 gp
    Market Price: 300 gp
    Key Skill: Nature (no check)

    Water Walk
    You walk on the water as if it were dry land.
    Level: 2
    Category: Exploration
    Time: 10 minutes
    Duration: 1 hour
    Component Cost: 20 gp
    Market Price: 200 gp
    Key Skill: Nature (no check)

    Church of Hidden Light
    Symbol of Life (Erathis) Level 2+
    The power of your faith adds energy to your healing prayers.
    Lvl 2 +1 1040 gp
    Implement (Holy Symbol)
    Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
    Critical: +1d6 damage per plus
    Power (Daily ✦ Healing): Minor Action. Until the end of
    your turn, any character healed by one of your encounter
    powers or daily powers regains an additional 1d6 hit

    Potion of Healing Level 1
    This simple potion draws on the body’s natural healing ability to
    cure your wounds.
    Potion 100 gp
    Power (Consumable ✦ Healing): Minor Action. Drink this
    potion and spend a healing surge. Instead of the hit points
    you would normally regain, you regain 10 hit points.
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    Default Session 16: Raid on the Bloodreavers

    Following Rendil's directions, the players located the Chamber of Eyes, said to be the hideout of the Bloodreavers. The ruined entry way held a balcony with a door and a huge entryway with barred double doors. Listening, they coluld hear goblins on the other side. The goblins weren't very smart and the heroes were ableto bluff their way through the door. Once inside though, things went sour quickly and they found themselves facing more goblins and a very angry bugbear. The heroes were adept at keeping the enemies pinned in a doorway and before long the badc guys were retreating through a back door. Soon after, the alarm was sounded and all hell began breaking loose.
    The heroes decided to make their stand in the goblin's guard room. It was a wild battle, with Marcus taking on Duergar and hobgoblin soldiers and archers at the hall behind the room and Nadaar trying to hold back first goblins and then the Hobgoblin Commander mounted on a dire wolf while everyone else alternated their efforts between the two fronts. Checkmate Led the Attack against the dire wolf and scored a critical hit. Soon after, a third front opened up with the surviving bugbear and goblin from the first battle joined by a hobgoblin warcaster circled around, climbed the balcony and came up behind Marcus' battle line. The heroes struggled but ultimatley prevailed.
    In the aftermath, they discovered some slaves, but not the ones they were looking for. In ransacking the place for treasure,they found a bill of sale in which some slaves had been sold tio Clan Ghimmerzhul of the Horned Hold.
    It seemed their quest would go on...

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    Default Sessions 17, 18, 19

    After returning to the Seven Pillared Hall, the heroes met with the Ordinator Arcanis who took them inside the Tower of Saruun where he gave them a private audience. He introduced himself as Orontor and gave them some insight into the nature of the Mages of Saruun and their operation. He seemed open to a cordial relationship with Fallcrest. He expressed an interest in having the heroes help him with a rogue mage who may have been a sponsor of the Bloodreavers and the source of some of the problems the Mages had been having of late. He encouraged them to seek out the Horned Hold and rescue their friends, but warned them against causing trouble at the Gimmerzaul Trading Post as it was under his protection.
    After visiting Gendar and getting directions to the Horned Hold, they set out.

    they arrived within an hour, approaching the Northern gate that overlooked the main fortress across the chasm.. The entrance was a closed portcullis, inside were a squad of Orcs. After an unsuccessful attempt to bluff their way in, battle ensued. It was a rough fight- even after forcing their way through the gate, the heroes found themselves facing additional troops- Duergar Scouts, more Orcs and a very angry Forgepriest. After the battle, the group considered taking an extended rest but were interrupted when more Duergar came looking for friends- having been warned by two Scouts who got away. A second battle erupted in the forge room. Things got desperate fior a moment, but the tide turned as the heroes finally dropped the Duergar leader and some slaves helped distract some of the scouts. Again, one of the Scouts tried to escape and get help, a development that would have been disastrous, but the party expertly pushed him away from the door, blocked it, surrounded the Scout and finished him off.

    Afterwards, they were able to take an extgended rest. The slaves, who were two of the prisoners they were seeking, explained to them that the other Duargar rarely visited this part of the Hold and as long as the slaves kept delivering supplies, they probably wouldn't get suspicious. They even helped devise a plan to help the party gain access to the rest of the fortress, across the chasm. The slaves would make a delivery as normal through the main bridge, while the heroes sneaked across the seldom used north bridge. When Nadaar clumsily made a racket while crossing, the slaves managed to vover for him by "accidentally" knocking over some of the supplies. The heroes made it aross, formed up in the seldom used room beyond, and burst through to the guard room. Having total surprise, they made quick work of the Duargar and constructs inside. They quickly moved on to the next guard room, where the slaves told them to expect more Orcs and an Ogre. Again, the heroes used the element of surprise to savage the guards in short order. Next, they had a choice between Murklemor's chambers and what the slaves thought were the slave pits. They chose to go after the big cheese.
    Bursting in, they discovered that this time, they did not have surprise. They also discovred that Murklemor was no pushover.While the Shocktroopers blocked the door and the theurge took a position at the back of the room and began barraging the group with spells, Murklemor slowly crossed the room towards the heroes, berating them, taunting them.
    After a couple of rounds, Murklemor ordered one of the Shocktroopers out of the way. He then charged Markus, pushed him into the hall and followed. The party then had two fronts to deal with- the guards in the doorway backed by a capable spellcaster and Murklemor who stood in their midst, swinging wildly with his flaming maul. A few more turns of combat later, Murklemor was dazed by an attack from Aenthetia. For the first time he seemed to sense he was vulnerable to being defeated by these puny surface dwellers. As his one action that turn, he provoked Opportunity Attacks as he moved towards the door to the slave pits. The next turn, he railed, "You morons want a fight? I'll give you a fight!", and he opened the door. Inside were two duergar guards, another Thuerge, and two Spiked Devils. "Get them, you fools!", shouted Murklemor and the battle took on a whole new dimension.
    Murklemor again pressed the attack, aided by his fresh troops,pushing the group back, forcing them to give ground. The heroes resolve began to crumble and they began discussing the option of a full-blown retreat back to the seven Pillared hall. First Markus, then Kiran, followed by Aenthetia, they began to run for the main bridge. Checkmate, angered, called them cowards and declared that merthuvial would not let him run. Nadaar seemed confused, torn between a battle in which he'd fared pretty well, and the bruised and battered comrades who were making a run for it. Smylar too hesitated, not wanting to abanon his friends. The three stayed long enough to get in a few more good licks, even killing one of the spiked devils, but in the end, they realized they had to go with their friends and broke off the attack. With Murklemor and his troops shouting derisively and Checkmate's horns burning with the shame of it, they too ran for their lives...

    Next: Run, run away!

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    Default Sedssion 20: Die, Murklemor, Die!

    What had begun as an intrepid assault on an enemy fortress had become a desperate bid for survival. As they fled, Smylar quickly devised a plan. He signaled to Nadaar that they should try to lead the enemy towards the other gate in hopes luring them towards the Forbidden Room that the slaves had told them the duergar avoided. Smylar hoped that whatever lay within could help them fight the foes.

    The battle broke into three seperate skirmishes. Nadaar lured Murklemor into following him into the next room. When Murklemor passed the second gate, Markus and Checkmate came back through and stopped one guard and a Theurge from following Murklemore. And Kira engaged the remaining Spined Devil and Guard on the main bridge while Aenthetia gave him spell assistance from behind and Smylar fired his crossbow from the other bridge.

    The first to go down was the guard Markus faced followed by the Spined Devil. Then Kira went down and aenthetia sealed herself in the old fortress while the Guard tried to hack down the door.

    While allof this had been happening, Nadaar and Murklemor had been slugging it out, hurling insults and pummeling eacjh other mercilessly.
    "I'm a gonna skin you and wear you as boots, Dragonscum, " snarled Marklemor.
    "Oh yea?", laughed Nadaar. "Well, I'm going to kill you and take your stuff. Nice hammer."

    Checkmate helped Nadaar flank Murklemor and it became the beginning of the end for the Black Paladin. He was still sputtering and spitting curses when Nadaar landed the final blow. Wasting no time, the two went to help the other heroes.

    The rest of the battle dragged on as the Theurge returned with Franmorth, the elite Theurge. just as they finished off the second guard. They were battered, bruised, and so far beyond bloodied they could barely stand, but the heroes kept after the pair until they finally finished them off.

    They collapsed in Murklemors chamber to rest and recover but discovered that Franmorth had been absent for part of the battle because he had been casting and animal messenger ritual to summon help.

    Just as the party was starting to feel ready to move on, that help arrived. Someone began attacking the doors to the chamber. It turned out to be the four guards and theurge from the trading post at the seven OPillared hall. Though tough at first, the fight was at last one and they moved on to check out the Forbidden Room.

    here they faced five Wights who cleverly split the party and wreaked some havoc before being finally vanquished.

    It was then that the heroes could say that they had truly vanquished the horned Hold. They rested again and then set out for the seven Pillared Hall.

    There they were hailed as heroes, greeted by soldiers from Fallcrset and welcomed by Orontor. They were ushered to an open portal that led to the courtyard in Moonstone Keep where a new Linked portal was guarded by Light Crusaders who cheered them.

    They were taken to meet with High Lord Marklehay and his top advisors.They were congratulated and rewarded. They were all given lands and titles and urged to continue their mission. They were also given a line of credit and regents mange their affairs in Fallcrest while they were on missions.

    After taking care of some business in fallcrest, the heroes returned to the 7Ph and met with gendar. They were approached by a kobold who gave them a message.

    It was a request frpm an unknown someone who wanted to meet with the party and discuss joining forces. Intrigued, the group followed the map to a cave.

    nfortunately and perhaps expectantly,it turned out to be a trap and the heroes were attackedc.

    Next: Who is Maledrick Scarmaker?
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    Default Session 21

    The trap consisted of two Tieflings and a Bronze Warder as well as thier old friend Seever who showed up from behind. While the Warder attempted to roll a boulder to seal the entrance and prevent the heroes from escaping, the Tieflings bombarded them with spells. Seever got in a couple of good licks but was forced to retreat through a narrow gap between the doorway and the boulder by transforming into rat form.

    Once victorious, the heroes discovered papers on one of the Tieflings that appeared to be from the wizard Paldamar ordering their destruction and to then deliver their corpses to a gang of gnolls as part of an offer for alliance. The papers contained a map to a place called the Well of demons and a reference to the Blackfang Gnolls who the heroes had been told had the remaining slave they had been seeking to rescue.

    Upon returning to the 7PH, they met with orontor who urged them to seek out the gnolls in hopes of finding Paldemar and ruining whatever nefarious scheme he was plotting.

    The heroes followed the map and arrived at a room with several colomns and a well that seemed to serve as an entrance to the Well of Souls. Here they encountered two cavern chokers, a ghoul, and a Phalagar- a tentacled beast that attacked by coming up from the ground beneath their very feet! Seever made a brief appearance, but was forced to flee almost immediatly by Kiran.

    After the fight, the group settled down for an extended rest. But would they be able to complete one here in this place without coming under attack?
    We'll find out next week!
    Next: Freakin' Gnolls!

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    Default Sessions 22 & 23

    After a short rest, the heroes went looking for gnolls- and found some. first they rescued the dwarves' boar from a group and then went on to defeat a second grup in barracks. Finally they took down a scourge and a barlgura with the help of two tieflings.

    They went to explore the Well of Demons where ghosts of dead heroes challenged them and gave them some useful info on defeating the WOD.

    They took the three challenges to retrieve the items- The mirrors were difficult, the howling pillars troublesome, but they handled the crimson whip almost easily.

    With some rest and preparation they began the final challenge and placed the items. Whether a well exeuted plan or a risky gambit, the wizard found herself face to face with the dragon. Surviving it's horrible breath, Aenthetia used her spell to put it to sleep. Then the rest of the heroes ganged up on the poor sleeping dragon and beat on it until it was dead.

    Not wasting time, the heroes went on to the inner santum for the final battle with Maldrick Scarmaker. It was close, the gnoll nearly completed his foul rfitual, but the heroes broke through his monsters just in time to put an end to his foul deeds.

    Victoriuous, they prepared to return to the Seven PILLAred Hall.

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