Light Crusader's, Session 2
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    Again, things didn't quite work out the way I'd intended, but things have a way of working out anyway. About Friday my wife reminds me that we have her company picnic to go to at Kanawha State Forest on Saturday. Since I talked Matt into coming with me, I toyed with the idea of playing D&D there.

    As it turned out, we decided it would be a bad idea, too many little kids- and by that I mean under five. I let some of them play with some dice and magnetic life counters and that kept them at bay while we played MAGIC and Infernal Contraption, but they would have gone NUTS over my minis. We decided not to break them out.

    We thought about going to the Stronghold to play afterwards, but a quick call informed us Justin was closing early that night. So we decided to play on Sunday.

    It got off to a bad start- late, because Matt overslept, but the good news is that right about the time he got up, Roy called. We actually had TWO, count 'em, TWO players! With nowhere else to play, we ended up on my front porch.

    I made Roy pick two of his characters from Kobold Hall and made Matt pick one of his four to give to Roy so they would have three each.

    The first battle went smooth- the party played it smart and tried drawing the outside guards into the thicket where they could pick them off. When the Slinger tried to run for the caves to sound the alarm, Ucoy spent an Action Point and a Daily Power to stop him. It was a GREAT move, making Ucoy the MVP of battle one.

    In the second battle they charged in a side entrance, surprising the minion sentries and making quick work of them. The fighters formed a bottleneck in the opening to the main chamber, holding back two of the skirmishers and the remaining minions. The wyrmpriest got some good shots on Salvadore but he didn't live long- Tira managed to finish him off and use her Misty Step. The dragonshield's caused some headaches and the appearance of Irontooth the Goblin on turn four made things even more interesting. As for MVP, I'd have to choose between Tira, who managed three Misty Step's in one encounter, a record so far, and Faikon, who ravaged three minions at once, if it weren't for Judson rolling a crit with his Brute Strike- SQUISH!

    I think this was my favorite battle yet- it was suspensful and exciting. The players were challenged to the max- Matt learned well from when I doubleflanked Ucoy last week and was very careful to watch for openings that the enemy could exploit. That, coupled with the fighters forming a bottleneck and the prevention of the Slinger sounding the alarm is probably why things didn't go worse for them.

    As it was, they very nearly lost Salvadore the Cleric. He was down to his last death save and missed it by one. Because the player had muttered a prayer to Pelor as he rolled however, I gave him a +2 and he was spared. There will be a price to pay later, which I'll explain in the campaign blog.

    Matt and Roy both expressed how much fun they had and PROMISED not to screw things up this Saturday. We plan to play around noon, probably at the Stronghold, but if all else fails, there's always my front porch...

    Here's some pics of the second battle and a few of our game of Infernal Contraption on Saturday.

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    The infernal contraption game looks intersting

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    Playing outside??? What sort of madness is this!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Gillispie View Post
    The infernal contraption game looks intersting

    It's fun- I don't care for it much as a two player game, but as a multiplayer game it's a riot.
    There's an expansion I'd like to pick up sometime that looks like it would make it even more fun- lots more options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis Orders View Post
    Playing outside??? What sort of madness is this!?
    I have a small house. What can I say?

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