Hi again-

I won't spend a lot of time on this, suffice to say that the three of us are becoming some die-hard gamers now. Two long-haul sessions in three days is borderline addiction.

We played Saturday at the Stronghold. It went good, started on time, went right to closing. Thanks to Justin for staying a little late while we finished up- I hope we didn't leave too much of a mess.

I had no plans to play Monday, Matt suggested it and I said I'd think about it. And the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to. So I cleaned out my hobby room (formerly known as the Lego Room, henceforth known as the Game Room) and made a place for us to play. It worked well, we may game here at my house from now on. It certainly makes it easier for me logistically and, ultimately, it'll be easier to find what I need when I need it.

Game-wise, we are improving quite a bit, fine-tuning our concept of the mechanics and gelling as a group. On Saturday I expressed concern about the way we were too easily changing weapons in combat and resolved to research it before our next session. First thing on Monday's session, I had the answers ready, using Faikon the Ranger as an example of how we were doing it mostly right and Jonathon the Fighter as an example of how we were doing it mostly wrong. My players listened and from now on I know they'll be very conscious of what weapons they have ready going into combat. I may even make magnetic icons for my battleboard to keep track of it.

Combat is going much quicker as both the players and myself are getting used to the powers and abilities of the characters. We got in three encounters Saturday and three on Monday. The reason Saturday's session took a bit longer was because the characters leveled up and we had to spend some time picking new powers and feats. And because we took a break to play some Magic while we ate lunch.

We may have to put the campaign on hold due to issues with my job- I hope not. I'm trying hard to resolve things so we can keep it rolling. If I'm able, I still plan to go to the SCPL for Gamesday this Saturday. I don't yet know what I'll be running as far as if I'll bring my players and continue this adventure track or if we'll take a break and do a one-shot.

Finally, as a new feature to these threads, I'm going to add a running tally of Experience and Treasure.
Judson Stonehammer, Dwarf Fighter: 1949
Tira Moonshadow, Half Elf Warlock: 1949
Faikon, Elf Ranger: 1587
Ucoy, Elf Rogue: 1587
Salvadore, Human Cleric of Pelor: 1587
Jonathon, Human Fighter: 1587
Needed for 3rd Level: 2250

Judson and Tira: 80 gp each from Kobold Hall
Group Treasure:
1163 gp
Holy Symbol of Bahumet (magical, appraised at 1000 gp by Valthuran the Sage)
+1 Amulet of Health
Ancient Mirror (nonmagical, appraised at 550 gp by Valthuran)
67 sp