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    Default Action points- Possible misread

    I was reading through the DMG, thinking about starting a campaign, when I remembered something someone in the online game I played said about action points. To verify or falsify his statement, I checked out the rewards section (starting Pg 118) and found on the front page
    They gain action points when they each milestones, generally after every two encounters.
    This is enough to pique my curiosity. The wording is vague enough to possibly imply the way we've been doing it, but it uses the plural, implying that people can gain more than one. I read through the rest of the milestone section (Pg 123) and found out that we've been doing it quite wrong:
    When characters reach milestones, they get action
    points. Action points help balance the depletion of character resources (expended daily powers and healing surges) by providing a new resource that can help characters adventure longer before taking an extended
    Characters have 1 action point when they complete an extended rest. When they reach a milestone,
    they gain another action point. They gain additional action points after every milestone. When they take an extended rest, they lose any unspent action points and start the next day with 1 action point again.
    Emphasis added. Apparently, characters gain an action point every milestone, whether they've used it or not. When characters take an extended rest, they lose all of them and start with one.

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    Hi Thomas- welcome to the forums!

    Yup, we knew that. There's a spot on your character sheet for tracking extra AP's.

    But you can still only spend one AP per turn.

    This only comes into play when you go many encounters without an extended rest, something you guys may never experience. :P

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    Yeah, Tom, we knew that. Problem is, because of the fact that we normally get our asses handed to us every other fight, we end up taking an extended rest basically each milestone.

    It's good to know though. The thought of having more than one action point and being able to go two turns in a row of attacking twice is awfully enticing.

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    Er...Imeant to say once per encounter, though that changes in yhe upper tiers.

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