Interested in CHARCON hosting your club?
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Thread: Interested in CHARCON hosting your club?

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    Default Interested in CHARCON hosting your club?

    It is a goal of CHARCON to increase communication between local (and not so local) gaming groups. CHARCON can host your clubs forums here in the GAMING CLUBS section of the CHARCON forum! You will retain full moderation control over your forums as well as the ability to have hidden or private forums. Clubs will also have a section in the "Gallery" to post club specific pictures, etc. Alternatively, if you have existing software in place, we can link to it offsite in the "CLUBS" dropdown on the navigation bar at the top of the page!

    It is our desire to streamline access to individual clubs, while making it so each individual group retains its autonomy. One login from the CHARCON site enables folks to peruse what other clubs are doing, without having to register on each independent sites forum. Our hope is that this will increase (even if just by a trickle) the activities between our gaming groups!

    Contact us for more information !
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