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    Default 15mm Gettysburg game

    The Riflemen are working on a 15mm Gettysburg game to run at Origins 08 in Columbus.

    We are planning on have between 2500-3000 painted 15mm miniatures for the game.

    We plan on having a 16 ft x 6 ft tabel for the game. It will run for 3 days over the Origins con to reflect the 3 days of battle at Gettysburg.

    We plan on playtesting the game several times more prior to Origins if anyone is interested in trying it out.

    Not the entire game mind you just smaller parts of the battle.

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    Progress is moving along on the painting. I appears that all the confederates are completed. Buck just has to base them to make sure all the stands are complete.

    I am slaving away at union troops. I have 150+ to give Buck this weekend which should take us down to around 350 or so union to go.

    Craig provided about 70 painted Union troops for use. That was a big help.

    We have a good start on the terrain. That will be the next big step in the process. The good thing is the terrain is a lot easier to do than painting the same 15mm fig several hundred times.

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    This sounds like a blast wish I was going to make it to Orgins. I usually go to GENCON but right now flying from Alaska one "con" is about all that is workable right now. You all going to take pictures right. :O)


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    We have pictures from the small con we attended at WV Tech about a month ago where we playtested a 1/4 scale battle.

    I will try to get charlie to post them

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