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Thread: World Wide Game Day Sept 19 at the Rifleman

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    This Saturday, two games

    twelve to four

    five to nine

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    Default Guess I'll check it out

    I've played 4E for a while, so I'll play. I'm in Charles and Emily's 3.5 campaign already. Just gotta get my books together. I assume these were already pre-made characters since you mentioned miniatures of them.


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    BTW, give me Holkarn if he's still available. And put me down for the 5pm game.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dilbian View Post
    BTW, give me Holkarn if he's still available. And put me down for the 5pm game.

    Done. May the Raven Queen judge your soul favorably.

    I was hoping to get at least one 4E veteran in each game.

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    Oh, and if you want to bring your own character, I'm fine with it. Just make sure it matches the role of the pregen you picked and is legal,

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    I'm definitely interested if you still have room for the 5pm. I've read some of the D&D4 books and would really like to try out the system.

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    I've got two friends coming for the game at 12, Livia, who will take Tower, and Ian, who will take Holkarn. Neither of them have 4e Experience, but Ian has played 3.5, d20 modern, shadowrun, and several other roleplaying games, and Livia has played a tiny bit of 3.5.

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    May Avandra's hand always guide your die.

    I went by the gamestore and saw that I had 2 new people signed up for the 5pm game.

    There's still room in both games- one for the noon game and two for the 5pm.

    If I don't fill them, my regular players will be standing by because they're just good guys that way. If they don't play, I promised to let them help me with the monsters...

    I'm really looking forward to meeting and playing with all of you tomorrow.

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    Hey I'm Chris (The one that played IG in the Tournament last weekend) Been wanting to play 4E D&D for a while now, so Tower for the noon game, but if it's full, same character for the 5ish game.

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    I'm pretty sure it's my last slot for the noon game. If not, we'll work something out.

    Welcome aboard!

    May the Strength of Kord dwell within you.

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