Board game Sunday September 20th
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Thread: Board game Sunday September 20th

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    Default Board game Sunday September 20th

    I will be at the store in charleston around noon. I will have with me power grid, Chaos in the old world, Galaxy trucker with expansion, and some other games. I

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    Oh, and I actually will bring power grid this time. Does anyone have dominion? A couple of folks wanted to try that.

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    I will be there and have Dominion in tow, along with other games.

    Director of Stuff

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    I am pretty sure that Tom Hancock owns his own copy of Dominion.

    at least thats what everyone says.
    Trav O
    Operations Director of CharCon

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    I picked up Tsuro and it's a really good game! I even developed a solo game for it. I'll bring it Sunday.

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    I am bringing some kid friendly games and the kid's playroom is available, so no "I have to watch the kids" excuses. Come down and keep me company.

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    Kids love power grid. I might be a little later than noon but should be there no later than 1.

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    I plan on being there. Wife and kids are in Ohio, and the van is running. Woot!
    Trav O
    Operations Director of CharCon

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    Sorry I couldn't make it, got a bit sick. Gotta keep this short because ArtEmpress is giving me a mean look. talk to you all later.

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    It was a good day for me. I woke up about 8 am in Raleigh NC and played Power Grid at Lost Legion in Charleston WV at Noon. Back to WVU Tech by 5 pm.

    Things everyone should seek out - A friend that shares your hobby and has their own airplane.
    It will make your life better without a doubt!
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