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    Default RISING Schedule Announced

    It's the moment you've all been waiting for. Ok maybe not but it's still pretty cool. Here is our schedule of events for CharCon 2009

    Boffer Make and take - Learn to make a RISING-safe boffer weapon with
    resident boffer-smith, Randy, and take it with you when you are done. Step
    by step instructions and all materials included in the cost. $10

    6:00pm and 9:00pm
    Carnival Daze - It was supposed to be a fun day at the carnival with your
    friends. Just a few hours of relaxation to get your mind off the
    nightmares on the tellivision. That could never happen here right? But
    what happens when the terrors in the Fun House are all too real? All
    materials provided and rules taught. $12

    Boffer Make and Take - same as above

    3:00pm and 6:00pm
    Minutes to Meltdown - The Parish Hill Nuclear Power Plant just sent an
    emergency signal to the task force headquarters. From the message it
    appears the plant has been compromised and with no one to monitor the
    reactor, it will soon go into meltdown. You and your team must get to the
    reactor core and shut it down before Parish Hill becomes a crator. $12

    Masqurade of the Forgotten (Twilight RISING)- What could be more fun than a Halloween party
    in the old abandoned church? You have been invited by the most popular
    frat on the Miskatonic campus, Eta Pi Lambda, for an all night keggar.
    Sure there are stories of ghosts that haunt the church but no one really
    believes that right? 18 AND OVER ONLY. All materials provided and rules
    taught. $12

    If there is demand we can add a game or two on Sunday as well as the RISING Kids scenario. Let us know if you want to see more slots available.


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    i can't wait. going to have to do carnival daze and if i can the rest as well

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    If you do decide to run one on Sunday, my wife would like to request the carnival one. She will be there for the two on Saturday but can't make it for Friday. We had a blast last year. It was the highlight of the convention for us.

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