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    I think the Supernatural plot is great. I starting watching in Season 2 when the colt first started making an appearance and always wondered about the back story of the gun and the situation it arose from.

    The series is great for adventures. I know you are using Deadlands. I see they have an RPG that just came out for Supernatural and wondered if the game was any good. I know the Serentity game was a bomb and wondered if the RPG was Supernatural was any good.

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    Serentity wasn't that bad a game just didint have enough content course what do you expect from a show that lasted a season or less and had 1 movie....

    I played Serenity and it was a good system, it should transfer well to supernatural, I read the amazon reviews and they seemed pretty happy over all. only complaint was content issues.....

    Todd thank you again for your help, i think i will use the frame, mainspring, cylinder, hammer, which can be the firing pin, trigger, trigger guard, barrel, sight, grips, custom engraving, rough finish, final finish and plenty of screws and pins to hold it all to together, along with engravings and such it shoudl give me plenty of is a link to the original colt that i got the idea from.

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