3 (4!) Days of Delves, a recap
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    Well, it's finally one for the books and I think it's safe to call it a rousing success. First some general notes and observations and ideas for next year and then details about each delve.


    The table they gave me was perfect. I had to get my folding table out of the car for all my gear, but then that was the plan. I loved our little corner of gaming paradise.


    I screwed up by promising some people a spot in Friday's game and then neglected to tell the organizers. When I got there Friday I already had five (different) people signed up and waiting. I had to turn the original three away, though looking back I should have just let them play. My screw up, I will make it up to them.

    Issues with my computer and printer made making characters on the spot a lot tougher than I first imagined. Next year it's going to be premade's all the way.


    It was mentioned by somebody that I should not have made all three delves "easy" in the catalog. That's true, I spent way too much time explaining the basics. I guess I wasn't expecting so many experienced people to show up. So next year I'll mix it up; some low levels to teach the beginners and reserve the high levels for those with some experience.


    The best thing to come out of it was the people. I met some great gamers at my table, many of whom are experienced DM's and are joining my regular game. WOOT! So next year I should be able to field multiple DM's with multiple tables.


    Friday: Fear the Night
    As I mentioned, things got off to a rough start. I was late, nobody had a character when they arrived, they all had to be made, some people had to leave before the game even got started but I was lucky to have others standing by ready to jump in. It was like that all weekend. The game itself went well, but we didn't make it to the final encounter. It was just as well, I think most of the group had already shot their best dailies and the big boss would have eaten them.


    Saturday: Cold hand of Chaos
    A little more organized, a little better prepared. Played musical players again, but it was all good. We went way over on time, but then I knew we would. The good news was we actually finished this one. The final fight was tough but not impossible. I heard some grumbling that these delves were too hard, but mostly I think everyone had a good time.


    Sunday: Deific Heart of Magma
    The Big One. Lost one of my original players because he got frustrated with my computer and printer issues. I got tired of turning people away and just threw the doors open on this one. We had nine players by the time we got started. I flirted with the idea of cutting the encounters from 3 to 2 or even 1, but my players over ruled me. The first two encounters went well, not too tough but challenging enough I thought. We ran out of time, of course, so we all agreed to meet at the Rifleman the next week and finish the Big Boss.


    Saturday: Wrapping up.
    I regret not being more prepared. I knew I had twice as many characters as the delve called for, and I had a whole week to do something about it, like boost up the dragon and his helpers. I also had 3 players not show and I should have eliminated their characters on the spot and brought things more in line.But I didn't and it was way too easy for them. It started out looking bad; I hit them with the dragon awe right off the bat and got ALL of them stunned, essentially giving the bad guys an extra turn. But things went downhill from there and they abused that poor dragon. Badly. Ah well. At least we finished it and we all learned a lot. We actually got done early so four of us decided to try a couple games of BANG! off the freeplay shelf. Man, I love that game!


    And Now, Back to our Regularly Scheduled Game!
    I have Weekend in the Realms this Saturday. Next week on the 14th we start a group on Ashenport, an uber cool and creepy survival horror adventure. I'm really looking forward to it. The week after that (the 21st), we start a second group on The King of the Trollhaunt Warrens. Then we will continue alternating Saturdays and groups until we finish them or it all falls apart.

    Thanks one final time to everyone who helped me with my games this year. I really couldn't have pulled it off without you!
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    It was good to see your table crowded all weekend Doug, way to go!
    Trav O
    Operations Director of CharCon

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    We have all been there when things don't go as planned. It sounds like you have the making of a lot of GMs for next year. That is great. Glad you are willing to do as much as you do for the local gamers. Keep it up.
    CharCon Boardgame Dude

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