The following applies to CharCon and any other events run under the CharCon name or by the West Virginia Hobby Gaming Association.

The text references badges and will be printed on the back of badges at any event that we run and opt to print badges. If by chance we run an event for which we do not print badges, it is still the responsibility of all attendees to understand and comply with these guidelines.

Be good, respect one another and have fun.


CharCon Code of Conduct

This is your badge. Yes you do need a stinkin' badge. And it has your name on it, because only you can use it. And you better be wearing it all the time. ALL THE TIME! It allows you to enter CharCon for the year printed on it. DO NOT share it with other people.

Most events are covered by your badge. But some cost extra and should say so in the description. You can sign up for all events at Registration. Everyone there is just waiting to help you. No, really.

While you are here, be nice to everyone. Its just the cool thing to do. No abusive, threatening, damaging, lewd, illegal or destructive behavior. Seriously. If you are having a momentarily lapse of reason, CharCon Staff may ask you to calm down. We don't want to, but if you persist, we will ask you to leave. CharCon reserves the right to revoke any badge and has the final say in all matters regarding this issue, up to and include removal of persons from the venue. Seriously.

Gamers are cool people. But there are always those folks that ruin it for everyone. So please watch your stuff and keep it with you. Charcon cant watch your stuff and is not liable for any loss.

Chances are, we will take your picture. Maybe you will know it. Maybe not. We take lots of pictures. Video also. It doesn't hurt, but you should know you may end up in print or on social media, etc.

Accepting this badge constitutes acceptance of these rules and agreement to comply, as well as compliance with decisions made by CharCon Staff during the event. This is for that other guy, because we are sure you will follow the rules.